New York Cosmos To Play In 2019 Founders Cup

The most storied club in U.S Soccer, the New York Cosmos will play competitive soccer in 2019 in the National Premier Soccer League Founders Cup. In 2020 the Cosmos along with 10 clubs will launch a professional league in association with the NPSL.

Former Cosmos players such as Danny Szetela and Beldi Bardic have had to look for other playing opportunities in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, a New York City amateur league. They hope to play for the Cosmos in 2019.

"I think it's great the Cosmos will be playing again in 2019 and 2020" said Danny Szetela."The club deserves to have a league to play in and grow the game of soccer. There's a lot of fans that have been waiting for this moment".

"I honestly think this will help grow soccer in America" said Danny Szetela. "There are many clubs that have a great following and have had great success. This new league will now give teams an opportunity to grow. I believe eventually there will be Promotion and Relegation because of this new league. I think that's the goal for everyone who truly loves the game in America".

Whenever you start something new fans and other stakeholders of the game are hesitant of the new project. "Fans shouldn't be hesitant, I'm sure there was a lot of people behind the scenes that had to work very hard to make this happen" said Danny Szetela. "The league will grow and I believe it will grow a lot faster than any league that ever started in this country. For the fans do your part and support your local club and let's grow the game together, it starts in the stands".

Finally we have an independent soccer league that will kickoff in 2019 with the Founders Cup. A league that we can grow together from the ground up. If you really want to see change in the soccer pyramid, go out and support your local soccer team.


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